“Transition” – A Television Show – #1

I wrote a TV series. 10 Episodes of an Hour-Long Drama entitled “Transition.” It’s a heart-wrenching, deeply emotional tear-jerker that goes deep into the opioid crisis under which we find ourselves currently submerged. It takes the audience on an emotional journey through the harrowing experience of opioid addiction. It forces us to talk about things that we would rather not talk about, to deal with issues that are not comfortable to talk about.

It forces us to ask the question, “What if this happened to me?”

I did not write this alone. The series is based loosely on a screenplay I wrote over a decade ago. In order to create a television series on the subject of the opioid crisis, I enlisted the help of a remarkable young writer, Jake Mays, whom I’ve met in person just twice. He grew up in West Virginia, but he currently resides across the country, somewhere in California. The writing of this series would not be complete without his unique ability to pound out the pages – often ten to twenty per day. Jake was particularly skillful when delving into the darker areas of the story, where it was necessary to go to places in consciousness and imagination that most of us couldn’t even begin to understand.

Jake also had the remarkable ability to reel me in, and keep me on track with this project every time I felt like I was drowning, being pulled down by the heaviness of the subject, and by the trappings of my own small-town life. I am forever grateful for his collaboration on this project. Jake has stuck by me through several artistic misfires over the past four years. I know now that all of those misfires were leading us to this place – we needed to walk through that together in order to get “Transition” to this place today.

Scripts are done, and I’m ready to get to work, shooting this thing. I don’t have a deal for it yet. I know what you are saying – “JW, you don’t do things this way in television.” But if you are really saying that, you don’t know me very well. I’m an independent filmmaker. That’s the way I roll. I put the cart before the horse, I suppose. For me, it starts with the script. When I get my hooks into something I’m passionate about, there is one thing I have consistently proven to be true in my artistic endeavors.

Doubt me, praise me, disclaim me, or support me. I’m a hundred miles beyond caring. Get on board, or get out of my way. I’m making this thing.

I’m looking for the right distribution fit, and a very modest production budget – $7M for ten episodes. I have some ideas about who I want to talk to for the marquee roles. I’m an actor’s director, and it has to be someone who is going to commit to the role of their career. It’s the most emotionally, psychologically, and physically demanding role I could ever imagine. As a performer, I know I couldn’t do it. But as a director, I am salivating at the opportunity to direct it, and I will walk through the fire with the right performer(s).

That’s enough for today. Thanks for reading. More….soon.


Namaste, y’all – JW Myers


Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

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