Reader Reactions to “Transition” the Series

“I cried. A lot. It’s so sad, because it is so real. I fell in love with the characters, and then they broke my heart. I have so many people in my life – family and friends – who have been through many of the things that the people in Transition go through. It’s a difficult story, but it’s an important and timely story. People need to understand the epidemic that we are facing. Perhaps this will start a long-overdue conversation about the nature of opioid addiction and treatment. I think this is an important piece of work, and I know it is going to help a lot of people.”

Transition made me very uncomfortable. I think it is a remarkable accomplishment of what television is becoming, and much like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad, it will certainly raise the bar for everything that comes after. So much of what we have previously seen about the opioid epidemic in the U.S. has been documentary-style. This series represents an overdue Transition to narrative fiction. It is fully immersive, and gripping storytelling, all the while never losing its strong basis in reality. It emotionally guides us through a very uncomfortable and unsettling experience. I can’t wait to watch this series.”

“All my life, I have judged drug and alcohol abuse. I am a college educated, sober, and sane person who would never choose to put those things in my body. Transition has made me rethink some of the assumptions that I have always made about these chemicals, and the people who use them. It made me feel a level of compassion that I didn’t know existed within me. I look forward to seeing this series. I have known the filmmaker for many years, and I know what a powerful story he can tell. He knows how to move people. Good luck and God bless!”

Transition makes you feel things that you may not want to feel. But if we are ever going to take steps to heal the opioid epidemic, we must first find a way for people to relate to the problem, in order to better understand the problem. Transition not only makes you think, but more importantly, it makes you feel.”

“Despite what many may feel about the dark subject of addiction, I found Transition to be uplifting and hopeful. It is, ultimately, a story of redemption. But redemption sometimes comes at a great cost. Unfortunately, in the real world, we don’t always get a happily ever after. Even so, for some, life goes on. Transition is sad, but the story left me feeling hopeful, and very satisfied.”

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