#24: TMB Presents: 11% Better Life with JW & BJ (Ep 8)


Well, you have probably noticed that we have been off the air for a few weeks. Well, the truth is, Karl has gone missing. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts, please contact your local podcast authorities.

Through a strange spiritual body-switching ritual, Karl’s brother BJ has temporarily replaced him. You will hardly know the difference, except that he sounds completely different than Karl.

Today we learn about native Americans, and their contributions to our culture including snakes and corn.

2 Replies to “#24: TMB Presents: 11% Better Life with JW & BJ (Ep 8)”

  1. I had what I believe is a Karl sighting! In the oddest of places — at the launch of Butch McStudd’s latest fashion line. I was attending — purely for anthropological reasons, you understand — when down the runway came Karl, looking smashingly resplendent in a kicky little polka dot romper (which needless to say quickly became the hit of the show). I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but despite the three bottles of Slivovitz I’d had with lunch, it was Karl, as sure as my name is George Spelvin.

    1. Mr. Corris-Spelvin – Thank you so much for your thoughtful information, and caring for our long-lost Karl. We are never sure whether Karl is hanging around in this dimension, or if he and Ergotron are doing a little interplanetary hopping, so it is good to know that he is still in our earthly sphere. Karl often knits during our Podcast, and I caught sight of the polka dot romper as it was being created. This is a really good clue, and this information will be turned over to our local spiritual authorities. May the blessings of Ergotron be with you always. (Silvovitz…..spooooonseeer????)

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