#58 TMB Presents: Frostburg’s Finest (Ep 6: Steve Kwiatkowski)


The Movie Brewdio Presents: Another “Frostburg’s Finest” interview with….Morgantown’s own Steve Kwiatkowski! Steve is a good friend and business associate. He and I have great discussions about working in the film industry, and I thought it would be valuable to people interested in working in the industry to get some advice and guidance from a true pro, a jack-of-all-trades, and that guy who truly walks the talk, and makes a living in the entertainment industry, right from his home in Morgantown, WV. We cover a wide range of topics, but this Podcast is a must for anyone who desires to work in the entertainment industry in ANY capacity. Plus, Steve’s a really cool guy with some pretty sound life advice. And COME TO OUR WORKSHOP – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21ST IN MORGANTOWN – wvfilmguild@gmail.com for more INFO!! See you there!!

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